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Success rate

Success rate at Society is far above the national average

Driving school Society’s success rate is far above the average. For over 20 years we convert students
to worthy drivers. Our rate is 30 percent above the national average. Our instructors are skilled and highly motivated to let you succeed the first time. We understand that your driving course entails a considerable investment. Therefore we train you from the start with exam training situations. On you can find our current rate!

2 out of 3 passes with us the 1st time (61% to 65%)

Rate discount

Discount Lessons down from 40 Euro to 37,50 Euro

At Society you can get driving lessons with a discount by taking an advantage package. We have three benefit packages which increases step by step the size of the discount. With Advantage Package A you will get 50 Euro discount witch drops the average lesson price from 40 Euro to 38.33 Euro. With Advantage Package B you will get 75 Euro discount which drops the average lesson price from 40 Euro to 37.85 Euro. And the last Advantage Package C will give you 100 Euro discount! With this package you will drop the average from 40 Euro to 37.50 Euro.

Of course we also have other packages where you can get also discounts. We have warranty packages where you can get up to 3x free exams. Visit our price page and compare the offerings!


Speed Package C

Speed Package C

– 35 hours (90min session)

– Including theory cd
– Including intermediate examination
– Including CBR examination
– Including examination guarantee

A examination guarantee gives the right to 1 free of charge examination.